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Do You Like Home Invasions?? Here's a Light Bulb Moment for You . . .

posted Mar 4, 2016, 6:21 PM by Hoilistic Touch Debbie Gordon

 Have you thought of blogging as a side business? I bet you haven't thought about it like this . . .

“I didn’t have the energy to do the home party  invasions. Instead…I blogged. People found my story, they found my business, and connected with me.”

First you need a business (I don’t care what business you choose – just choose one) or else you are just blogging. Once you have found a business that you love --- BLOG!!  Light bulb moment, ya’ll!
 – Angela Brook explains how to do it!! Writing might not be your thing, but I believe this is the answer for all of us honest, hard working people!....“The secret traffic conversion formula is to get them off of social media and onto your blog. You own your blog and you own the leads that come to your blog, that is your traffic. Social media is a public playground that people go to visit and to hang out. They can block your account, they can limit what you see, what you do and who can find you. Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram are the same way.

When I see people spending their time on social media and ignoring the true part of their business it makes me cover my eyes and scream ‘NO!”  “  Angela Brooks blog site


Ok, let me know what you think – yes or no – what side business did you choose, and will you commit to blogging?

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