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Yes, you are what you eat –but seriously, you are so busy that you don’t have time to eat right, you grab what’s available and don’t put any thought into your decision –until you begin FEELING –feeling like something isn’t quite right with your body.


What if you had a super food that provides a . . .

  •  complete protein source
  • contains all 18 amino acids (the building blocks of protein including 8 that are essential for life)
  • 21 trace minerals (excellent nutritional health)
  • rich source of antioxidants
  • gives physical robustness
  • mental alertness
  • contains longevity factors –THE LIST GOES ON!

Is there such a super food?

Have you ever heard of Goji or Wolfberry? Goji berry is the only food ever discovered in the history of the world that helps stimulate the production of human growth hormone naturally. The berry contains Betaine which is a liver toxifier and cleanser. It also contains 500 times more vitamin C per ounce than an orange. Super easy, super good, super food - perfect for busy people! No more excuses ....

That’s your Get Oiled Up Super Food Moment

Do You Like Home Invasions?? Here's a Light Bulb Moment for You . . .

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 Have you thought of blogging as a side business? I bet you haven't thought about it like this . . .

“I didn’t have the energy to do the home party  invasions. Instead…I blogged. People found my story, they found my business, and connected with me.”

First you need a business (I don’t care what business you choose – just choose one) or else you are just blogging. Once you have found a business that you love --- BLOG!!  Light bulb moment, ya’ll!
 – Angela Brook explains how to do it!! Writing might not be your thing, but I believe this is the answer for all of us honest, hard working people!....“The secret traffic conversion formula is to get them off of social media and onto your blog. You own your blog and you own the leads that come to your blog, that is your traffic. Social media is a public playground that people go to visit and to hang out. They can block your account, they can limit what you see, what you do and who can find you. Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram are the same way.

When I see people spending their time on social media and ignoring the true part of their business it makes me cover my eyes and scream ‘NO!”  “  Angela Brooks blog site


Ok, let me know what you think – yes or no – what side business did you choose, and will you commit to blogging?

Start Your Own Blog

Debbie Gordon, CRTS, CA - Get Oiled UP!

Toxic Relationship

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The average woman wears nearly 515 chemicals a day and eats about 4 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime.

Red-Flag Beauty & Cosmetic Ingredients

Because label reading can be really confusing, I find it easier to know what ingredients to avoid rather than what to look for.

Here’s a list of some of the ingredients that you might want to steer clear of due to various health concerns:




propylene glycol

artificial fragrance (often just labeled as “fragrance” or “parfum”)

artificial colors (Red 5, FD&C Yellow 6, etc.)

petrochemicals (including paraffin, mineral oil, PEGs and BHA)


Toxins in Cosmetics

A great report by Dr. Stewart, "Why Oils Heal and Drugs Don't" states,

 " .... Drugs and oils work in opposite ways.

  • Drugs toxify. Oils detoxify.
  • Drugs clog and confuse receptor sites. Oils clean receptor sites.
  • Drugs depress the immune system. Oils strengthen the immune system.
  •  Antibiotics attack bacteria indiscriminately, killing both the good and the bad. Oils attack only the harmful bacteria, allowing our body’s friendly flora to flourish."

These are just a few reasons to use essential oils. 

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